The Best Potato peelers 2017

It is often best recommended to peel your potatoes before cooking them, and you require a peeler. There are numerous types of peelers, but this article reveals only the best potato peelers 2019. If you are in the market looking for one, it is often good that you select the very best that there is, so get online a run a voice search for the peeler type you are looking for. They also come in cheap thus there is no excuse for not having one.

Victorinox Double Blade peeler

If you are looking to find a more traditional peeler, then you should visualize of something like this. Its design is straightforward and one that has been tested across many decades. It comes from Victorinox, a brand that is accredited with the production of high-quality knives and kitchenware thus you are guaranteed to have the very best item. It is light and easy to use and also high quality.

Master class heavy duty peeler

This peeler is a beautiful piece that is made from stainless steel hence making a great design. It is neat to hold and also has swiveling blades for added efficiency. Besides, it is cheap and due to its quality, is guaranteed to live long. However, the swiveling blades do depend on your preference.

Elgento E010 Potato peeler

This peeler model is automatic. Typically, it is a large bowl that has mechanized blades on the inside and powered by an electric motor. You are just required to put the potatoes in, switch it on, and the blades do all the peeling for you in a matter of a few minutes.

This thus makes one of the best potato peelers especially if you are exhausted from work like I am after a long day writing blog posts. However, they typically peel rather vigorously so they tend to lose more of the potato than you actually would with the standard peeler.

ParaCity Electric peeler

It is a very innovative model though perhaps a bit time-consuming. It is also electric that requires you only to place your potato on the holder, adjust the cutting blade to the thickness you want and finally switch on. However, it only peels one at a time hence is time-consuming.

DOTO premium swivel peeler

Quite interestingly, the manufacturer advises that this model is not only suitable for potatoes but also for carrots, butternuts, cucumber, apples, beetroot and more. This model is small in size, neat and tidy. It has a swiveling blade which may not be appealing to everyone. The plastic part is cleverly designed and its handle curved to enhance grip while peeling. It is dishwasher safe and has a hole for hanging. It is quite cheap and has a lifetime guarantee too.

There you go now; you have the very best potato peelers with different designs you may want to consider before actually buying one. It is all up to you now to make a wise decision and go to the market to purchase a peeler that you want. The central concepts to look at while buying a peeler, to wrap it all up, are whether it is auto or manual, swivel or fixed and finally whether it is made of steel or plastic.